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The Fiero Years 1984 - 1988 Plus the 1989 Prototype

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The 1984 Fiero Indy Pace Car
Production began for the Fiero in 1984 and the Fiero was built for a total of five years 1984 - 1988.
The 1985 Fiero GT
The Fiero GT first came out in 1985, but the design was taken from the 1984 Indy Style with the engine being changed from the four cylinder to the V6.
The 1986 Fiero SE
In 1986 the SE was unchanged with the exception of adding the brake light in the rear window. Late in 1986 the new GT version was introduced which carried over into 1987.
The 1987 Fiero GT
In 1987, the new version of the GT Fastback was very popular.
1988 Fiero GT
The last year of production, but even after 15 years the car still has a sharp sporty line that will catch your eye when it passes by.
1989 Fiero Prototype
This represents the dream that never became reality to us Fiero Enthusiats.
Another 1989 Prototype Fiero