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Tip for the Season
Spring Time Has Come

That time of the year we have all been waiting for has arrived "Spring".  Get those cars out of storage and begin the spring time clean up.  Charge that battery, spray those brakes with brake cleaner, let your engine run and warm up before the road test, and get out the soap, water, and wax.  I love Spring.  Things are coming back to life.  The birds are making music and the leaves are beginning to bud out on the trees. 

Don't forget to drive that special car very carful for the first 100 or so miles to let the engine break back in from sitting all Winter.  Once I have gotten the engine use to being run again, I like to get on the gas on an off to get the carbon out of the engine and system.  I don't do this very much, but on and off the first week or so.

Well enjoy the sunshine, warmth, and your great looking car.  Send me an email with your latest picture to be placed on my site.  Have a great Spring.